Apparent pause densities and mean pause durations on bare DNA and nucleosomal DNA in the extended NPS [nucleosome positioning sequence] region

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Organism Yeast
Reference Dangkulwanich et al., Complete dissection of transcription elongation reveals slow translocation of RNA polymerase II in a linear ratchet mechanism. Elife. 2013 Sep 24 2:e00971. doi: 10.7554/eLife.00971. p.7 table 2PubMed ID24066225
Method Abstract:"By challenging individual yeast RNA polymerase II with a nucleosomal barrier, [investigators] separately measured the forward and reverse translocation rates."
Comments p.7 2nd paragraph:"Pausing properties on nucleosomal DNA: Next, [researchers] investigated the transcriptional dynamics of Pol II through the nucleosome by loading a histone octamer on the 601 nucleosome positioning sequence (NPS) (Lowary and Widom, 1998) (Figure 2B,C, Figure 2—figure supplements 2–5). The wild-type enzyme displays a two-fold increase in the apparent pause density upon encountering the nucleosome (Table 2). The mean pause duration on nucleosomal DNA is significantly longer than that on bare DNA (Table 2 Figure 2—figure supplement 1). Similarly, the mutant Pol II displays higher pause density and longer pause duration in the presence of a nucleosome (Table 2)."
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