Overall macromolecular composition of E. coli cell (see comments)

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Adapted from F. C. Neidhardt et al., “Physiology of the bacterial cell”, Sinauer, 1990 (see BNID 104954) by Katja Tummler and Ron Milo with modifications detailed in appended document
Method See cited refs in attached document
Comments Overall macromolecular composition of an average E. coli cell in aerobic balanced growth at 37°C in glucose minimal medium, with doubling time of 40 minutes and 1 pg cell wet weight (˜0.9 µm^3 cell volume). Adapted with modifications from F. C. Neidhardt et al., “Physiology of the bacterial cell”, Sinauer, 1990. Modifications included increasing cell dry weight from 284 fg to 300 fg and total cell mass from 950 to 1000 fg as well as rounding other values to decrease the number of significant digits such that values reflect expected uncertainty ranges. Under different growth rates the volume and mass per cell can change several fold. The relative composition also changes with growth rate but not as significantly. For a given cell volume and growth rate, the uncertainty in most properties is expected to be on the order of 10-30% standard deviation. Original values refer to B/r strain, but within the uncertainty expected, the values reported here are considered characteristic of most common E. coli strains. An independent source for slower growth rates can be found at BNID 111460.
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