Stomatal density on abaxial leaf surface

Value 140 stomata/mm^2
Organism Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum
Reference Thomas, P. W., Woodward, F. I., and Quick, W. P. (2004). Systemic irradiance signalling in tobacco. New Phytol. 161, 193–198. DOI: 10.1046/j.1469-8137.2003.00954.x p.196 fig.3
Comments "Stomatal density also increases with irradiance in a range of plants including tomato (Gay & Hurd, 1975), Sinapsis alba (Wild & Wolf, 1980) and Quercus myrsinaefolia (Furukawa, 1997). The results from both signalling experiments are as predicted for a leaf developing in the same light conditions as the mature leaves. The stomatal density of the treatment and control plants were significantly different in both experiments one (ANOVA: F= 62.3, df = 3, 32, P< 0.001) and two (ANOVA:F= 10.8, df = 3, 16, P< 0.001). There was a 50.8% decrease in the stomatal density of the treatment group of experiment one (Fig. 3), and a 92% increase in the treatment group of experiment two (Fig. 4)." Extracted by eye from Figure 3, high light condition for control. Abaxial surface is the side facing away from the stem. Downward facing in this case.
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