Swimming rate of Gyrodinium spp.

Value 319 µm/sec Range: 220 - 360 µm/sec
Organism Dinoflagellates
Reference William G. Hand, Patricia A. Collard and Demorest Davenport, The Effects of Temperature and Salinity Change on Swimming Rate in the Dinoflagellates, Gonyaulax and Gyrodinium, Biological Bulletin Vol. 128, No. 1 (Feb., 1965), pp. 90-101 link p.94 5th paragraph
Method "The conversion of data obtained to true linear velocity values was accomplished by comparing the dimension of the projected scan of the 1-mm. calibration on the above-mentioned lucite guide with the actual dimension, which gave the power of magnification. In [investigators'] studies the power of magnification ranged from 360 to 380 ×. This magnification gave accurate readings to the nearest 10µm which was sufficiently accurate to allow analysis of statistical significance."
Comments "Mean linear velocity for this form was found to be 319µm/sec. at 20°C. Here again plane of movement was not a significant factor. The range was similar, being between 220µm/sec. and 360µm/sec."
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