Mean platelet turnover

Value 1797 platelets/µl/hour
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Wessels P, Heyns AD, Pieters H, Lötter MG, Badenhorst PN. An improved method for the quantification of the in vivo kinetics of a representative population of 111In-labelled human platelets. Eur J Nucl Med. 1985 10(11-12):522-7. p.523 right column 4th paragraph & p.524 table 2PubMed ID3928383
Method "[Investigators] describe a method whereby a completely representative population of platelets was isolated from the whole blood of 28 normal human volunteers by repeated washing of platelets from the red-cell layer. The harvesting efficiency was 98.3% +/- 2.8%. The platelets were labelled with 111In-oxine [Indium-111 oxine radioactive tracer] in a saline milieu with a labelling efficiency of 86.4% +/- 6.8%."
Comments "The disappearance of reinjected labelled autologous platelets from the circulation was almost linear, and the mean platelet survival was estimated to be 224 +/- 23 h." "The mean platelet survival estimated from data points obtained by subtracting plasma radioactivity from whole-blood radioactivity was 223±23 h. This did not differ significantly (P>0.1) from the results obtained from whole-blood data (224±23 h). The mean platelet turnover was 1,797 platelets/µl per hour."
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