Number of protein coding genes

Value 18759 genes
Organism Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes
Reference Chimpanzee assembly and gene annotation, Assembly CHIMP2.1.4, INSDC Assembly GCA_000001515.4, Feb 2011 Database version 78.214 link Ensembl release 78 - December 2014 © WTSI / EBI retrieved March 6th 2015
Method "This site displays version 2.1.4 (February 2011) of the chimpanzee genome assembly (known as Pan_troglodytes-2.1.4 or CHIMP2.1.4).The whole genome shotgun sequence data were assembled and organized by the Washington University Genome Center." "The genome was aligned to human GRCh37 using BLASTz in an eHive pipeline. These alignments were used to transfer human ensembl gene structures (Human Build 63) to chimpanzee."
Comments "The final data set includes 18746 protein coding genes." 18,759 in table.
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