Number of lymphocytes in a normal young adult man

Value 4.6e+11 Lymphocytes/body Range: Table - link Lymphocytes/body
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Trepel F (1974) Number and distribution of lymphocytes in man. A critical analysis. Klin Wochenschrift 52: 511–515. p.515 table 4PubMed ID4853392
Comments “The concentration of lymphocytes in the peripheral lymph of different tissues has so far only been measured in sheep (Smith el al., 1970). On the average, the lymphocyte concentration in the peripheral lymph was about one tenth of that in the blood. A similar relation can be expected in man, where only the particularly lymphocyte-poor lymph of the leg has been measured (Engeset et al., 1973). Basing on an average concentration of 200 lymphocytes/mm^3 in the pooled tissue lymph streams and on a tissue mass of 70 kg minus 7 kg of bone, 2 kg of gut and lung, 5.4 kg of blood and 1 kg of lymphoid tissue and bone marrow resulting in 54.6 kg drained tissue, a number of 11 × 10^9 (200×10^6×54.6) diffusely distributed lymphocytes in the rest of the body can be calculated. Thus, [researchers] arrive at a rough estimate of the lymphocytes in the tissues outside the lymphoid organs, the bone marrow, the organized (nodular) lymphoid tissue of the gut and the blood: 30×10^9 in the intestinal mueosa, 30×10^9 in the mucosa of the respiratory tract and 10×10^9 in the rest of the body giving a total of 70×10^9 cells. Number and Distribution of Lymphocytes in Man- After these derivations [researchers] can summarize all estimates of lymphocyte numbers and distribution in normal human adults (Table 4 BNID 111350).”
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