Gas exchange analysis

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Organism Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum
Reference Uehlein N, Otto B, Hanson DT, Fischer M, McDowell N, Kaldenhoff R (2008) Function of Nicotiana tabacum aquaporins as chloroplast gas pores challenges the concept of membrane CO2 permeability. Plant Cell 20: 648–57 p.651 table 1PubMed ID18349152
Comments "[Researchers] also examined the influence of chloroplast envelope CO2 permeability on the photosynthetic capacity of leaves from controls and Nt AQP1–deficient RNAi plants. During illumination, the leaf internal CO2 partial pressure (ci) was similar in RNAi plants and control plants. However, photosynthetic rates were reduced by 15% in the former (Table 1), confirming [their] findings on Nt AQP1 antisense plants (Uehlein et al., 2003). The inhibition of AQP1 expression also resulted in a slight reduction of stomata conductance that could potentially limit photosynthesis by limiting uptake of CO2 into leaves. However, the ratio of net assimilation rate (A) to ci was significantly higher in controls (Table 1). As Flexas et al. (2006) showed that tobacco plants with impaired expression of AQP1 exhibit the same amount and activity of Rubisco, the change in A/ci points to a change of mesophyll conductance." See note beneath table
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