Kinetic parameters in the gastrointestinal tract during starvation and after refeeding

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Organism Rodent
Reference Nicholas A. Wright, Malcolm Alison, The biology of epithelial cell populations, Volume 2 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1984 pp.760-761 table 20.1
Comments For abbreviations in top row of table see - tinyurl link . See notes beneath table. "The net result of the crypt atrophy will be to reduce the cell production rate, and other kinetic mechanisms add to this effect: labelling and mitotic indices are reduced after starvation in the mouse (Weibecke et al., 1969: Hagemann and Stragand 1977) and rat (Al-Dewachi et al., 1975a) small intestine (table 20.1), and also in rats deprived of oral intake, but fed intravenously (Heitman et al. 1980)."
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