Fill volumes of mouse and rat stomach

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Organism Rodent
Reference McConnell EL, Basit AW, Murdan S. Measurements of rat and mouse gastrointestinal pH, fluid and lymphoid tissue, and implications for in-vivo experiments. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2008 Jan60(1):63-70. p.67 table 2PubMed ID18088506
Comments "Drug or vaccine formulations are often given to experimental animals by oral gavage. Consequently, the volume of the stomach is considered an important parameter for oral dosing, and the results are shown in Table 2. The mouse stomach was approximately one-tenth the volume of the rat stomach. Wolfensohn & Lloyd (1994) have suggested the upper limit for oral dosing in mice to be 20mL kg-1. Thus, for a mouse of 20 g, the maximum oral dosage volume would be 0.4mL. For rats, the recommended maximum is 10 mL kg-1 for a 200 g rat this would give a dosing volume of 2mL. These values correlate to some degree with the ‘comfortably full’ volumes shown in Table 2, despite the fact that post-mortem results would be likely to differ from an in-vivo situation, since elasticity and responsiveness of gastric tissue to pressure may be altered."
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