Cellular content of individual epidermal columns in stacked epidermis

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Organism Mammals
Reference Nicholas A. Wright, Malcolm Alison, The biology of epithelial cell populations, Volume 1 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1984 p.294 table 8.1
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Method "Christophers and Laurence (1973), combining a fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) method for staining keratin (fig.8.2B), with autoradiography in the same site, have quantified the cellular content of epidermal columns in the ordered mouse epidermis, and compared this with the number of epidermal cells associated with one surface corneocyte in the foot epidermis of the mouse, which does not show stacking."
Comments "These values [see Measurement Method] are shown in table 8.1 (p.294), which also gives values for the cellular content of other stacked, partially stacked, and non-stacked epidermis." EPU="epidermal proliferative unit". See notes beneath table
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