Data on DNA content, cell volume and minimum doubling time for twelve species of ciliates

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Organism Ciliate spp.
Reference B. J. Shuter, J. E. Thomas, W. D. Taylor and A. M. Zimmerman, Phenotypic Correlates of Genomic DNA Content in Unicellular Eukaryotes and Other Cells, The American Naturalist, Vol. 122, No. 1 (Jul., 1983), pp. 26-44 Stable URL: link p.40 table 3
Primary Source Except where indicated, data is from: Taylor, W. D., and B. J. Shuter. 1981. Body size, genome size, and intrinsic rate of increase in ciliated protozoa. Am. Nat. 118: 160-172.
Comments "Data on cell volume, minimum doubling time, micronuclear DNA content, and macronuclear DNA content were obtained for 20 strains of ciliates (table 3 and (Soldo, A. T., S. A. Brickson, and F. Larin. 1981. The kinetic and analytical complexities of the DNA genomes of certain marine and freshwater ciliates. J. Protozool. 28: 377-383.)) representing 17 separate species." See notes beneath table
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