Absolute and relative volume of several organelles

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Organism Green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Reference Weiss D, Schneider G, Niemann B, Guttmann P, Rudolph D, Schmahl G. Computed tomography of cryogenic biological specimens based on X-ray microscopic images. Ultramicroscopy. 2000 Aug84(3-4):185-97. p.194 table 1PubMed ID10945329
Method "Soft X-ray microscopy [which] employs the photoelectric absorption contrast between water and protein in the 2.34-4.38 nm wavelength region to visualize protein structures down to 30 nm size without any staining methods."
Comments "To perform quantitative analysis on the organelles of the specimen, the reconstructed volume has to be segmented into several regions: the organelles themselves, the remaining alga interior, and the alga exterior." See note above table. LAC=linear absorption coefficient
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