Coefficient of variation of cell length if length is taken as a measure of size

Range 3 - 15 %
Organism Bacteria Salmonella typhimurium
Reference Nanninga, N., and Woldringh, C.L. (1985). Cell growth, genome duplication, and cell division. In Molecular Cytology of Escherichia coli, N. Nanninga, ed. (London: Academic Press), pp. 259–318. p.299 2nd paragraph
Primary Source Trueba FJ. On the precision and accuracy achieved by Escherichia coli cells at fission about their middle. Arch Microbiol. 1982 Feb131(1):55-9.PubMed ID7039546
Comments "If cell length (L) is taken as a measure of size [K(L) distribution] the coefficient of variation may range from 3 to 15% (see Fig. 15 in Ref (and primary source))."
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