Kinetic parameters of protein degradation by the proteasome

Range Table - link residues
Organism Archaea Thermoplasma acidophilum
Reference Kisselev AF, Akopian TN, Goldberg AL. Range of sizes of peptide products generated during degradation of different proteins by archaeal proteasomes. J Biol Chem. 1998 Jan 23 273(4):1982-9. p.1984 table 1PubMed ID9442034
Method "The number of protein molecules degraded and peptide bonds cut by a single proteasome particle per min were determined by division of the corresponding cleavage rate (as described under “Experimental Procedures”) by the proteasome concentration measured by the methods of Bradford or Lowry with similar results. The number of cuts in the molecule made (column 5) was determined by dividing the number peptide bonds cleaved (column 4) by the number of substrate molecules degraded (column 3). See Fig. 1 for an explanation of the calculations."
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