Flight performance model parameters

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Organism Fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
Reference Lehmann FO, Dickinson MH. The changes in power requirements and muscle efficiency during elevated force production in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. J Exp Biol. 1997 Apr200(Pt 7):1133-43. p.1135 table 1PubMed ID9131808
Comments "The cost of hovering flight consists of three terms: induced, profile and inertial power. These terms were calculated according to the equations of Ellington (1984c) for hovering flight with the modifications described below. All the values and terms used in these calculations are given in Table 1. Unless otherwise stated, all values of power are given in terms of W/kg flight muscle mass. In order to transform body weight-specific power into muscle weight-specific power, [researchers] used a flight muscle to body mass ratio of 0.30. This value was determined by dissecting and weighing the thoraces of 20 freshly killed flies after removing the sternum, nervous system and gut."
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