Concentration ratio of cortical to cytoplasmic actin polymers

Range ~1.2 unitless
Organism Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum
Reference D.N. Robinson, Y.-S. Kee, T. Luo and A. Surcel, Understanding How Dividing Cells Change Shape. In: Edward H. Egelman, editor: Comprehensive Biophysics, Vol 7, Cell Biophysics, Denis Wirtz. Oxford: Academic Press, 2012. pp. 48-72. p.52 right column bottom paragraph
Primary Source Reichl, E. M. Ren, Y. Morphew, M. K. Delannoy, M. Effler, J. C. Girard, K. D. Divi, S. Iglesias, P. A. Kuo, S. C. Robinson, D. N. Interactions between myosin and actin crosslinkers control cytokinesis contractility dynamics and mechanics. Curr. Biol. 2008, 18, 471–480.PubMed ID18372178
Comments "The actin polymers are distributed throughout the cortex and cytoplasm with a concentration ratio of cortical to cytoplasmic polymers of ~1.2, making the cortical concentration ~80 µM (primary source) (Figure 3)."
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