Average DNA yield per 50-100 mg of dried wood sample

Value 2.2 μg
Organism Trees Dipterocarpaceae spp.
Reference Yanti Rachmayanti, Ludger Leinemann, Oliver Gailing and Reiner Finkeldey, Extraction, Amplification and Characterization of Wood DNA from Dipterocarpaceae, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 24: 45–55, March 2006 p.45 abstract and p.51 bottom paragraph
Method "Several different DNA isolation techniques were compared and optimized for wood samples from natural populations and from wood processing enterprises. The quality of the DNA was tested by spectrophotometry, PCR amplification, and PCR inhibitor tests."
Comments "An average DNA yield of 2.2 µg was obtained per 50-100 mg of dried wood sample."
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