Generation time on carbazole

Value 9.1 Hours Range: ±1.7 Hours
Organism Methylobacterium sp. GPE1
Reference Pasternak, G., Kolwzan, B., Surface tension and toxicity changes during biodegradation of carbazole by newly isolated methylotrophic strain Methylobacterium sp. GPE1, International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation (2012), link p.146 table 2
Method The growth rate was calculated by data obtained from OD - carbon calibration model and OD measurements. The mineral salt medium was supplied with 9.9 mg/l of carbazole.
Comments P.146 right column 2nd paragraph: "The bacterial biomass values were used to determine the growth rate and generation time. The results are collated with the growth rate of GPE1, growing only on methanol, which are shown in Table 2. The average growth rate calculated for the carbazole biodegradation test was μ = 0.08 h^−1, which corresponded to a generation time equal to 9.1 h. These values were approximately three times lower than the parameters calculated for cells utilizing methanol as a sole source of carbon. The growth rate determined for methanol cultures was μ = 0.22 h^−1, which characterizes GPE1 as a slow-growing strain. Methanol is an easily accessible substrate for the Methylobacterium sp. The endogenous control was also monitored for bacterial growth and a slight increase of OD was observed. However, the growth in control samples was below the detection limit of the method used and the fitted biomass model returned inaccurate values at this level. The OD values observed for the endogenous control increased from 0.20 to 0.30 McFarland units." Strain GPE1 produce biosurfactants and degrades carbazole as a sole source of carbon and energy.
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