PPi concentration

Range 3 to 3.5 nmol/g FW
Organism Plants
Reference Jane Dancer, Robert Veith, Regina Feil, Ewald Komor, Mark Stitt, Independentchanges of inorganicpyrophosphate and the AT/ADP or UTP/UDP ratios in plant cell suspension cultures, Plant Science Volume 66, Issue 1, 1990, Pages 59–63, link p.60 fig.1B and p.61 fig.2D
Method Samples (about 0.3 g fresh wt.) were taken, most of the medium removed through a paper filter using a water suction pump, and the filter and 1-2 mm adhering cell layer frozen in liquid N2
Comments Value extracted manually from figures (3.5nmol/g FW from fig.2B and 3.0nmol/g FW from fig.2D)
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