Densities of phospholipid-cholesterol mixtures at 20°C

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Reference Johnson SM, Buttress N, The osmotic insensitivity of sonicated liposomes and the density of phospholipid-cholesterol mixtures. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1973 Apr 25 307(1):20-6. p.24 table IIPubMed ID4711187
Method P.21 2nd paragraph: "A chloroform solution containing from 12 to 50 µmoles of mixed phospholipids with or without cholesterol was evaporated to dryness under reduced pressure. 0.6 ml of aqueous salt solution was added, and the phospholipid allowed to swell and form liposomes under nitrogen."
Comments P.24 2nd paragraph: "The intercepts on the axis Ƞs°=0 which give the densities of the phospholipid mixtures are tabulated below, Table II. The errors are estimated from weighing errors in the preparation of the salt solutions of known density through which the liposomes sedimented. Errors in the determination of s° are of the order of 1% and are less important. It will be seen that cholesterol has remarkably little effect on phospholipid bilayer density, which can be taken as 1.014 for all the mixtures."
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