Fraction of nuclear volume out of total cell volume averaged from 14 species

Value 18 % Range: Table - link %
Organism Plants
Reference H. J. Price, A. H. Sparrow and Anne F. Nauman, Correlations between nuclear volume, cell volume and DNA content in meristematic cells of herbaceous angiosperms, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Volume 29, Number 8 (1973), 1028-1029, DOI: 10.1007/BF01930444 p.1028 right column 2nd paragraph and table
Method "Nuclear volumes of the cells in the outer cell layer of actively growing shoot meristems were determined from longitudinal sections using previously described techniques ([21]A. H. Sparrow, R. C. Sparrow, K. H. Thompson and L. A. Schairer, Radiation Bot. 5, Suppl. 101 (1965) & [27]A. H. Sparrow, A. F. Rogers and S. S. Schwemmer, Radiation Bot. 8, 149 (1968))"
Comments "The average nuclear volume, cell volume, and nuclear volume as percent of cell volume (NV/CV) for each species studied are given in the Table. When values in column 5 are averaged, the nucleus is seen to occupy 18% of the total cell volume, a cyto-nuclear ratio of 5.6:1. However, an average of all individual NV/CV values (170 cells) shows a ratio of 5.3:1 (19±1%)."
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