Range of genome sizes of dinoflagellates

Range 1.5 coral symbiont Symbiodinium: to 185 Lingulodinium polyedrum Gb
Organism Dinoflagellates
Reference Wisecaver JH, Hackett JD. Dinoflagellate genome evolution. Annu Rev Microbiol. 2011 65: 369-87. p.373 right columnPubMed ID21682644
Primary Source LaJeunesse TC, Lambert G, Andersen RA, Coffroth MA, Galbraith DW. 2005. Symbiodinium (Pyrrhophyta) genome sizes (DNA content) are smallest among dinoflagellates. J. Phycol. 41:880– 86 AND Spector DL. 1984. Dinoflagellate nuclei. In Dinoflagellates, ed. DL Spector, pp. 107–47. Orlando: Academic
Comments Gb=10^9b
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