Metabolic turnover rate of metabolites in tobacco leaves

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Organism Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum
Reference Hasunuma T, Harada K, Miyazawa S, Kondo A, Fukusaki E, Miyake C. Metabolic turnover analysis by a combination of in vivo 13C-labelling from 13CO2 and metabolic profiling with CE-MS/MS reveals rate-limiting steps of the C3 photosynthetic pathway in Nicotiana tabacum leaves. J Exp Bot. 2010 Feb61(4):1041-51 p.1048 fig.6PubMed ID20026474
Method A novel system was developed for the determination of turnover rate during C3 photosynthetic metabolism in the leaves of higher plants by the combination of an in vivo 13C-labelling technique with 13CO2 and mass isotopomer analysis using a CE-MS/MS profiling method.
Comments See note beneath figure.
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