Summary of DNA elastic characteristics

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Organism Generic
Reference Wang MD, Yin H, Landick R, Gelles J, Block SM. Stretching DNA with optical tweezers. Biophys J. 1997 Mar72(3):1335-46. p.1343 table 2PubMed ID9138579
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Method The current system was developed as a modification to an existing optical trapping interferometer
Comments P.1343 right column 2nd paragraph: "" Lo=contour length under zero tension. Lp=persistence length. Ko=elastic modulus. P.1343 right column 2nd paragraph: "Table 2 summarizes results of fits in a variety of buffer conditions, including the buffer used for [investigators’] parallel studies of transcription by RNA polymerase (PTC buffer Schafer et al., 1991)." See notes beneath table. See BNID 103112, 103113, 103785
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