Fraction of leaf protein that is photosynthetic apparatus

Range 30 to 50 %
Organism Thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana
Reference Arrivault S, Guenther M, Ivakov A, Feil R, Vosloh D, van Dongen JT, Sulpice R, Stitt M. Use of reverse-phase liquid chromatography, linked to tandem mass spectrometry, to profile the Calvin cycle and other metabolic intermediates in Arabidopsis rosettes at different carbon dioxide concentrations. Plant J. 2009 Sep59(5):824-39 p.825 left column top paragraphPubMed ID19453453
Primary Source Farquhar GD, von Caemmerer S, Berry JA. Models of photosynthesis. Plant Physiol. 2001 Jan125(1):42-5. AND Zhu XG, de Sturler E, Long SP. Optimizing the distribution of resources between enzymes of carbon metabolism can dramatically increase photosynthetic rate: a numerical simulation using an evolutionary algorithm. Plant Physiol. 2007 Oct145(2):513-26PubMed ID11154292, 17720759
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