Subcellular metabolite concentrations in spinach leaves after 8.5 h illumination

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Organism Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Reference Heike Winter, David G. Robinson and Hans Walter Heldt, Subcellular volumes and metabolite concentrations in spinach leaves, 1994 Planta Volume 193, Number 4, 530-535 p. 534 table 4 DOI: 10.1007/BF02411558
Primary Source Gerhardt R, Stitt M, Heldt HW. Subcellular Metabolite Levels in Spinach Leaves : Regulation of Sucrose Synthesis during Diurnal Alterations in Photosynthetic Partitioning. Plant Physiol. 1987 Feb83(2):399-407 AND Heineke D et al., Redox Transfer across the Inner Chloroplast Envelope Membrane. Plant Physiol. 1991 Apr95(4):1131-7. AND Riens B, Lohaus G, Heineke D, Heldt HW. Amino Acid and sucrose content determined in the cytosolic, chloroplastic, and vacuolar compartments and in the Phloem sap of spinach leaves. Plant Physiol. 1991 Sep97(1):227-33.PubMed ID16665257, 16668101, 16668375
Method Evaluated from previously published measurements (in primary sources) based on the subcellular volumes of Table 3 (Table - link)
Comments Note: table in reference points to (Heineke 1991), however this author and year isn't listed in the References section. A paper by this name and year was found on PUBMED and added as a Primary Source as it contains concentrations of 2-Oxoglutarate and Malate.
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