Diffusion coefficient of virus in water at 20°C

Value 15.5 µm^2/sec
Organism Brome Mosaic Virus
Reference Bockstahler LE, Kaesberg P. The Molecular Weight and Other Biophysical Properties of Bromegrass Mosaic Virus. Biophys J. 1962 Jan2(1):1-9. p.3 bottom paragraphPubMed ID19431313
Method Diffusion measurements were carried out in an 11ml quartz Tiselius cell in a Spinco model H electrophoresis-diffusion apparatus.
Comments Measured at a virus concentration of 0.42 per cent. Extrapolation to infinite time gives a diffusion coefficient of 8.62x10^-8 cm^2/sec. This value was corrected to that expected in water at 20°C. Thus D20,W=1.55x10^-7 Cm^2/sec.
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