Burst size in lymphoid memory T cell (in vitro)

Range 1400 isolated cells: 2450 cells remixed with tissue virions/cell
Organism HIV
Reference Eckstein DA. et al., HIV-1 actively replicates in naive CD4(+) T cells residing within human lymphoid tissues. Immunity. 2001 Oct15(4):671-82. p.679 fig.7aPubMed ID11672548
Method Values extracted visually from figure 7A. p.676 left column bottom paragraph: "[Researchers] employed a modified culture method, termed human lymphoid aggregate culture (HLAC), which offers added experimental flexibility while preserving the biology of human lymphoid tissue." Calculated by quantitating viral p24 proteins.
Comments p.679 left column:"Immediately following the sort, a second fraction of the sorted memory and naive cells was remixed with uninfected HLAC tissue derived from the same donor. Equal numbers of the sorted memory and naive cells were added back to the separate uninfected cultures in addition to AMD3100. The culture media was harvested 3.5 days later and the concentration of soluble p24 within these supernatants was quantitated. Using this “remixing assay,” [researchers] found that the quantity of p24 produced by both memory and naive T cells within the lymphoid tissue microenvironment increased approximately 2-fold (range 1.57–2.15) compared with isolated cells (Figure 7A)." Cells isolated from tonsil cultures. See BNID 105871
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