Adhesion energy between surface proteins and glutaraldehyde

Range 0.5×10^-4 - 8×10^-4 J/m^2
Organism Unspecified
Reference Frisch T, Thoumine O. Predicting the kinetics of cell spreading. J Biomech. 2002 Aug35(8):1137-41. p. 1138 table 1 Table - link PubMed ID12126672
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Method Researchers used a macroscopic approximation to describe cell spreading.
Comments The reported adhesion energy 6×10^-4 J/m2, lies in the range of previously reported values, i.e. 0.5–6×10^-4 J/m2 for avidin–biotin (Moy et al., 1999), 1–12×10^-4 J/m2 for cytotoxic T cells and HLA-rich target cells (T.ozeren et al., 1989), and 1–8×10^-4 J/m2 for red blood cells bonded by agglutinins (Evans et al., 1991).
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