Genome size

Value 2.4e+9 bp
Organism Corn Zea mays
Reference Haberer et al., Structure and architecture of the maize genome. Plant Physiol. 2005 Dec139(4):1612-24. p.1612 left column, bottom line & p. 1619 table II, note 'b' beneath tablePubMed ID16339807
Method "...[researchers] randomly selected 100 bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) from the genome of the maize inbred line B73 for sequence analysis. They were sequenced to deep coverage and manually curated to derive an accurate consensus."
Comments "Although it is a medium-sized grass genome, at 2.4 Gb the maize genome is large compared to other sequenced plants and so will require significant funding to sequence. On top of this, its high repeat content poses computational challenges for accurately assembling a genome sequence." For Maize genome=2,365Mb see p. 1619 table II, note 'b' beneath table. Maize has 20 chromosomes (2n), (BNID 105322 Excel Table - link) Excel table also gives genome size of 2.671Mb
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