Percent of speciation events in angiosperms that involve polyploidization

Range 2-4 %
Organism Plants
Reference Otto SP, Whitton J. Polyploid incidence and evolution. Annu Rev Genet. 2000 34: 401-437.PubMed ID11092833
Method Researchers used data from plant families starting with the letters A, F, L, R, and X in (Federov AA. 1974. Chromosome Numbers of Flowering Plants. Koenigstein, Germany: Otto Koeltz Sci.), focusing only on genera whose chromosome numbers were summarized in table format. To be conservative, they excluded species that were polymorphic for chromosome number. There were at least 987 chromosomal shifts in 8884 speciation events, implying that the rate of change of chromosome number is ~11% per speciation event. Multiplying this by the polyploid index, they estimate that ~2%–4% of speciation events in angiosperms involve polyploidization. For polyploid index, see equation 2 in p. 406 in article.
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