Volume and surface area of pancreatic cells and cellular organelles

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Organism Guinea Pig Cavia porcellus
Reference Bolender RP. Stereological analysis of the guinea pig pancreas. I. Analytical model and quantitative description of nonstimulated pancreatic exocrine cells. J Cell Biol. 1974 May61(2):269-87. pp.282-3 table 3PubMed ID4363955
Method Electron microscopy and stereological methods
Comments P.280 right column 2nd paragraph: "In Table III, morphological components of the guinea pig pancreas are characterized in terms of volumes and surface areas and, wherever appropriate, these parameters are related to the volumes of the pancreas, exocrine cell cytoplasm, and average exocrine cell. The upper portion of this table characterizes the tissue and extracellular components as volume densities according to the model of Fig. 1. The relative amounts of these components are represented graphically in Fig. 15, where they are expressed as a percent of the pancreas volume. It can be seen that the exocrine cells account for 82.1 % of this volume (89.7 % of the total cellular compartment, spaces not included) with only 9.6% coming from other cell types and 8.4% from the extracellular spaces. The remainder of Table III characterizes the components of exocrine cells either as volumes or surface areas."
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