Volume of high light acclimated cells

Value 10.2 µm^3 Range: ±2.5 µm^3
Organism Alga Nannochloropsis sp.
Reference Tamar Fisher, Tamar Berner, David Iluz, and Zvy Dubinsky, The kinetics of the photoacclimation response of Nannochloropsis sp. (Eustigmatophyceae): A study of changes in ultrastructure and PSU density. J. Phycol. 34, 818–824 (1998) Table - link
Method The High-light cultures were grown under 650 mmol quanta×m^-2×s^-1 (HL). Transmission electron microscopy, TEM analysis was carried out by applying two methods: superimposition of an array of short lines (Freere and Weibel 1967) and ImagePro1 analysis (Fisher et al. 1998). Cell volume of the HL- and LL- acclimated cells was calculated from their diameters, measured with a light microscope.
Comments Volume of cells in cultures moved to low light, 30 mmol quanta×m^-2×s^-1, remained similar, 10.7±3µm^3. Nannochloropsis are unicellular, free-floating microalga that belong to Eustigmatophyceae, a group lacking any chlorophylls other than chlorophyll a (chl a)
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