Molecular mass of 26S (intact) proteasome

Value 2.4e+6 Da
Organism Unspecified
Reference Adams J. The proteasome: a suitable antineoplastic target. Nat Rev Cancer. 2004 May4(5):349-60 p.349 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID15122206
Comments "The functionally active 26S proteasome is a very large 2.4 MDa ATP-dependent proteolytic complex that is found in the cytoplasm and nucleus of eukaryotic cells. It consists of a 20S core catalytic cylindrical complex capped at both ends by 19S regulatory subunits (FIG. 2) [refs 5–7]. The proteasome identifies proteins that have been targeted for degradation by their UBIQUITIN ‘tag’, although ubiquitylation is not a prerequisite for degradation for every protein." On each side of the central 20S barrel shaped subunit the proteasome has two capping 19S regulatory complexes. See BNID 103061, 104914
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