Rate of red blood cell replacement

Value 4.6e+8 Cells/day
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference de Jong K, Emerson RK, Butler J, Bastacky J, Mohandas N, Kuypers FA. Short survival of phosphatidylserine-exposing red blood cells in murine sickle cell anemia. Blood. 2001 Sep 1 98(5):1577-84 p.1580 right columnPubMed ID11520810
Method Researchers determined the survival times of murine sickle cells in the circulation by labeling the entire RBC cohort with biotin and monitoring the disappearance of the biotinylated cells using streptavidin labeling at several time intervals after biotinylation. Based on the rate of RBC replacement and the total number of RBCs in the circulation, effective erythropoiesis can be calculated. In normal mice, RBC replacement per day amounts to 4.6 × 10^8 cells/d, whereas in sickle mice this replacement rate is 65 × 10^8 cells/d to 100 × 10^8 cells/d, a 14- to 22-fold increase.
Comments For replacement rate in sickle cell mouse see BNID 104866
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