Effect of amino acid starvation on dimensions of E. coli

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Grossman N, Ron EZ, Woldringh CL. Changes in cell dimensions during amino acid starvation of Escherichia coli. J Bacteriol. 1982 Oct152(1):35-41 p.37 table 1PubMed ID6749809
Method P.37 caption to figure 1: "Cells of E. coli B exponentially growing at different growth rates were starved for an amino acid. Samples (1 ml each) were removed at the beginning and the end of starvation and were treated as described in the legend to Fig 2." P.36 left column bottom paragraph: "Electron micrographs were projected at a final magnification of about 15,000× to 20,000×, and cell length and cell diameter were measured. At least 150 ceIls were measured for each sample, and dimensions were calculated according to a calibration grid which was photographed at the same magnification."
Comments Range of lengths is 1.94-2.72 µm. Range of diameters is 0.66-0.98 µm. Range of volumes is 0.61-1.8 µm^3. See BNID 100002, 103714, 104113, 104333, 102065, 100001, 104825, 100004
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