Effect on electron acceptor on the threshold of Hydrogen in different hydrogenophilic bacteria growing on organic substrates or Hydrogen

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Organism bacteria
Reference Ralf Cord-Ruwisch, Hans-Jiirgen Seitz, and Ralf Conrad. The capacity of hydrogenotrophic anaerobic bacteria to compete for traces of hydrogen depends on the redox potential of the terminal electron acceptor, Arch Microbiol (1988) 149:350- 357
Method The effect of different electron acceptors on substrate degradation was studied in pure and mixed cultures of various hydrogenotrophic homoacetogenic, methanogenic, sulfate-reducing, fumarate-reducing and nitrate-ammonifying bacteria.
Comments Table summarizes the H2-thresholds that were measured for the individual H2-oxidizing reactions by using various strains of bacteria. The results indicate that there is a systematic trend from relatively high (ca. 1,000 ppm H2) to very low (ca. 0.03 ppm H2) threshold concentrations with increasing Gibbs free energy changes of the H2-consuming reaction.
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