Steady-state level of ADP

Value 0.83 mM Range: Table - link mM
Organism Bacteria Clostridium kluyveri
Reference Thauer RK, Jungermann K, Decker K. Energy conservation in chemotrophic anaerobic bacteria.Bacteriol Rev. 1977 Mar41(1):100-80. p.102 table 1PubMed ID860983
Primary Source [130] Decker K, Pfitzer S. Determination of steady-state concentrations of adenine nucleotides in growing C. kluyveri cells by biosynthetic labeling. Anal Biochem. 1972 Dec50(2):529-39.PubMed ID4345788
Method Note c beneath table: "Calculated from original data (moles per gram of dry cells), assuming 2.5 ml of cytoplasmic space per g of dry cells (see Riebeling et al. [ref 529])."
Comments P.103 left column 2nd paragraph: "Approximately 20 mmol of ATP is consumed during the synthesis of 1 g of cells (wet weight) in a growing culture of anaerobic bacteria (ref 129). The intracellular concentration of ATP is about 2 mM (Table 1). Obviously the ATP system has a catalytic role only. During the doubling of the cell mass, ATP must be turned over approximately 10,000 times." P.103 left column 4th paragraph: "The catalytic role of the adenylate system in metabolic energy transformation requires a strict coordination of ATP consumption and ATP regeneration. The adenylate energy charge [(ATP + 0.5 ADP)/(ATP + ADP + AMP)] (refs 28, 29, 31) (see Table 1) appears to be kept rather constant under different nutrient conditions (ref 130) and absolute cellular contents (ref 148, see however refs 176, 604)." Note 'a' beneath table: "In Growing cultures (from Decker and Pfitzer [Primary Source])."
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