Changes in plasmodesmata conductivity induced by developmental, biotic, and abiotic signals

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Organism Plant Nicotiana benthamiana
Reference Liarzi O, Epel BL. Development of a quantitative tool for measuring changes in the coefficient of conductivity of plasmodesmata induced by developmental, biotic, and abiotic signals. Protoplasma. 2005 Apr225(1-2):67-76PubMed ID15868214
Method A quantitative tool was developed to measure the coefficient of conductivity, C(Pd), for diffusion-driven transport via Pd and to assess changes in the coefficient induced by developmental, biotic and abiotic signals.
Comments In plants, symplasmic cell-to-cell communication is provided by plasmodesmata (Pd), coaxial membranous tunnels that span cell walls interconnecting adjacent cytoplasms. Macromolecules, proteins, and RNA may be transported through Pd by passive diffusion or by a facilitated mechanism.
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