Excited state redox potentials and excitation energies of photosynthesis

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Reference Robert E. Blankenship, Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis, 2008 Blackwell Science Table A3 pp.304
Method Redox potentials were calculated according to equation A83: Em(P+/P*)=Em(P+/P)-E(P/P*) where Em(P+/P*) is the midpoint redox potential of the excited state reaction: P+ +e-<>P* and E(P/P*) is the 0-0 spectroscopic energy of the excited state above the ground state (in units of electron volts): P+hv<>P* where h is planck's constant and v frequency. In these equations, P stands for the photoactive agent
Comments Excitation energies were calculated according to E=hc/lambda where E is the energy of a photon of light (in Joules), h is Planck's constant, 6.63X10^-34 Js, lambda is the wavelength in m, and c is the speed of light. See Table A2 (BNID 104347) for ground state redox potentials of reaction center oxidation. Data from Blankenship and Prince (1985).
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