Percent of total protein mass that is signaling protein molecules in one cell

Value 5 %
Organism Various
Reference S Legewie, H Herzel, H Westerhoff, and N Bluthgen. Recurrent design patterns in the feedback regulation of the mammalian signalling network. Molecular Systems Biology. 2008. 4:190 Table - link PubMed ID18463614
Method Summing up all measured protein concentrations listed in the Table (using the maximal values if a range of protein expression is given). This yields ~1.2E8 molecules per cell. In this context, it has been measured that there are ~300 pg total protein per cell. (Volpe and Eremenko-Volpe, 1970)*. Assuming an average protein molecular weight of 60 kDa, one arrives at ~2E9 total protein molecules per cell*. Thus, even the few quantitatively measured signaling proteins listed in the table can (theoretically) make up as much as ~6% of total cellular protein. Similarly, the weights of the measured molecules add up to 14 pg, corresponding to 5% of the cellular protein mass.
Comments The table can be found in the supplementary information section of the above-mentioned reference.
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