Characteristic concentration of signaling protein molecules

Range 0.01-1 Table - link µM
Organism Various
Reference Calculated according to concentrations given in primary source. Please see Measurement method
Primary Source S Legewie, H Herzel, H Westerhoff, and N Bluthgen. Recurrent design patterns in the feedback regulation of the mammalian signaling network. Molecular Systems Biology. 2008. 4:190 supplementary material section II pp.6-7 tablePubMed ID18463614
Method The table gives a characteristic range of signaling proteins 10000-1000000 molecules per cell. Calculated using Avogadro's constant according to one cell volume (mammalian cell culture volume BNID 100434) ~2000 µm^3=2×10^-12 liter. 2×10^-12×6×10^23 =~10^12 particles per cell with concentration of 1 Molar. 10^4-10^6 molecules per cell would give concentration of 0.01 µM-1 µM.
Comments Table link gives number of various signaling protein molecules in one cell. This table can be found in the supplementary information section of the reference. See table for primary sources. See BNID 100853
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