Ion conductivity of erythrocyte membrane at 37˚C

Value 1.54 S/m
Organism vertebrates
Reference Jaspard F, Nadi M, Rouane A. Dielectric properties of blood: an investigation of haematocrit dependence. Physiol Meas. 2003 Feb24(1):137-47. p.143 2nd paragraphPubMed ID12636192
Primary Source Ulgen Y and Sezdi M 1997 Estimating the resistivity of the interior fluid of red blood cells using Fricke’s equation Proc. 19th Int. Conf. IEEE/EMBS (Chicago, USA, 1997)
Comments P.143 2nd paragraph: "Nevertheless, values found by Cook (1951) and Ulgen and Sezdi (primary source) for human blood at 35˚C (1.55 S/m) and 37˚C (1.54 S/m), respectively, agree with [investigators'] results." Conductance is the inverse of resistance and the unit S (siemens) is the same as inverse ohms.
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