Cell concentration at 50m depth at sea

Value 46000 cells/ml Range: ±14000 cells/ml
Organism Cyanobacteria
Reference Pitta P, Karakassis I. Size distribution in ultraphytoplankton: a comparative analysis of counting methods. Environ Monit Assess. 2005 Mar102(1-3):85-101 Fig 2PubMed ID15869179
Method Sampling took place aboard the RV Philia in the Cretan Sea in April 1998. Triplicate subsamples of 20 mL, fixed with glutaraldehyde (final concentration 1%), were concentrated to ca. 2 mL on a 0.2 µm black Poretics polycarbonate membrane (25 mm diameter) it was then stained with DAPI for 10 min and collected on the filter (Porter and Feig, 1980). Calculated manually from figure 2
Comments Mean±standard deviation
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