Fraction of genome that is DNA-Transposons

Value 1.92 %
Organism Rice Oryza sativa
Reference Li W, Zhang P, Fellers JP, Friebe B, Gill BS. Sequence composition, organization, and evolution of the core Triticeae genome. Plant J. 2004 Nov40(4):500-11PubMed ID15500466
Primary Source Mao L, Wood TC, Yu Y, Budiman MA, Tomkins J, Woo S, Sasinowski M, Presting G, Frisch D, Goff S, Dean RA, Wing RA. Rice transposable elements: a survey of 73,000 sequence-tagged-connectors. Genome Res. 2000 Jul10(7):982-90.PubMed ID10899147
Method The rice genome (430 Mb) consists of 16% TEs (Transposable Elements) in a proportion of 88% retroelements and 12% DNA transposons. Multiplying 16% by 0.12 gives 1.92% DNA transposons out of genome
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