Fraction of genome that is DNA-tranposons

Value 1 %
Organism Corn Zea mays
Reference Li W, Zhang P, Fellers JP, Friebe B, Gill BS. Sequence composition, organization, and evolution of the core Triticeae genome. Plant J. 2004 Nov40(4):500-11PubMed ID15500466
Primary Source Meyers BC, Tingey SV, Morgante M. Abundance, distribution, and transcriptional activity of repetitive elements in the maize genome. Genome Res. 2001 Oct11(10):1660-76.PubMed ID11591643
Comments The maize genome at approximately 2500 Mb consists of 50% TEs (Transposable Elements), in a proportion of 98% retrotransposons and only 2% DNA transposons (Meyers et al., 2001). Multiplying 50% by 0.02 gives 1% DNA transposons out of genome.
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