ADP concentration in a C4 plant mesophyll cell

Range 7-16 nmol/mg chlorophyll
Organism Corn Zea mays
Reference Roeske CA, Chollet R. Role of Metabolites in the Reversible Light Activation of Pyruvate, Orthophosphate Dikinase in Zea mays Mesophyll Cells in Vivo. Plant Physiol. 1989 May90(1):330-337.PubMed ID16666759
Method Frozen fractionated leaf material (200-300 mg) was homogenized in 700 uL of 10% (v/v) HC104 at 4°C. ATP and ADP were measured using a luciferin/luciferase-based assay. Measurements were done in a Perkin-Elmer MPF-44 spectrofluorometer with the emission monochromator set at 0, the slit width at 20 nm, and the dynode voltage at 1000 V.
Comments High value before activation of Pyruvate Orthophosphate Dikinase by illumination, Low value after 1 minute of illumination. See figure 6
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