Fraction of dietary Coenzyme Q absorbed to blood

Range 2-3 Percent
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Zhang Y, Aberg F, Appelkvist EL, Dallner G, Ernster L. Uptake of dietary coenzyme Q supplement is limited in rats. J Nutr. 1995 Mar125(3):446-53.PubMed ID7876919
Method rats were administered 12 mumol coenzyme Q10/100 g body wt once daily by gastric intubation. The appearance of coenzyme Q10 in various tissues and blood after 6 h, 4 d or 8 d was studied. The control group of rats received rapeseed-soybean oil (the vehicle in the experimental group). Lipids were extracted with petroleum ethermethanol, and the reduced and oxidized forms of coenzyme Q9 and Q10 were separated and quantified by reversed-phase HPLC.
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