Density of starch granules

Value 1.55 g/ml
Organism Potato Solanum tuberosum
Reference D. R. Isleib, Density of potato starch, American Potato Journal, 1958 35:428-429 link p.429 table 1
Method Eight different potato strains of different tuber size were grown. Value is mean of the eight strains. P.428 4th paragraph: "A single determination of starch density was made on each sample. One and one-half to four and one-half grams of starch were weighted to a level of accuracy of 0.1 mg, in 10 ml. picnometers [a specific gravity bottle, i.e. a standard flask for measuring and comparing the densities of liquids] and density calculated in the usual way. Where a single sample was in poor agreement with other samples of the same variety additional determinations were made. The data are shown in table 1." (see 2nd paragraph, from 2nd line in: link)
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